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The last month has definitely been filled with some cool cars. It started with a Fatlace Friday, and their pre-bimmerfest meet at the Fatlace Paddock. It was a fun filled Friday evening with great music, good people, and some milk tea. I will definitely be going to the next one on June 24 for their collab release with Mooneyes.

Next is interning everyday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Even though most of the work is in the office, it’s nice to venture down to the pits and look at whatever cars show up that day. From trans-am racers to Porsche’s, it’s awesome to see people that share a common love of cars race at the track.

Some film from our Oregon trip will be up once I actually get the prints back from being developed. Can’t wait to share them!

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SD_4 SD_23 SD_3

It’s always nice to be able to go to the track, relax, hang out with some cool people, and listen to some awesome cars. Marios’s Evo, is definitely one of the coolest cars out on track. He’s a major part of SpeedDynamics, which is a local Northern California track day provider. Check them out here, http://speed-dynamics.org/. This event commemorated the one year anniversary of SpeedDynamics, and what an event it was.

SD_18 SD_19 SD_2 SD_26 SD_22

There was no shortage of cool BMW’s on track. These two E46’s were probably my favorite, plus just look at those Te37sl’s matched with the 6-pot Brembo’s.


SD_8 SD_25 SD_1 SD_7

I can’t wait for their next event, hopefully they secure a spot at Laguna Seca so I only have to drive 20 minutes to the track. Expect more track day coverage in the future, especially with friends that hold race days.

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G_! G_2 G_3 G_4 G_5 G_6

Colors often provoke an emotion, mood or reaction when seen. What better color to choose than one that many of us see in our day to day lives. We often associate green with nature, but it’s always nice to see it used in unconventional places. With color palettes becoming more of an influence on me, I want to highlight each color separately since they often blend in with the amount of information we take in daily.

What thoughts come along with green?

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Being able to see the cars and racers up close and personal is a must do. Last Friday, two days before the big Indy car race, I was able to walk around with race cars at a finger distance. Since there was only a handful of people at the raceway, I was able to walk around without bumping into someone every second. I highly recommend going to race events on qualifying days, drivers are less stressed and everything is in a more laid back mood.

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