Exactly one year ago today I lost my father. All my life, I never expected to lose such a great part of my life as soon as I did. To say the least, most of 2015 was spent on mourning this missing part in my heart.

finalboss_2 finalboss_3

The biggest reminder of my dad and our times together is this 1970 Boss 302. I grew up with this in pieces in several garages, and saw much of the construction of this machine. From visiting the paint shop to rolling the bare chassis around the driveway, this car has came a long way since 1987 when my dad decided to purchase it. This car certainly has a long history of abuse before my dad decided to restore a piece of automotive history. Lets just say that the rev limiter was removed from the car, and had been in many drag races during the late 70’s.

finalboss_5 finalboss_1

Even though it sits in a garage now, hearing the sound of the solid lifters, smelling the natural aroma of this car, and bringing it up though the gears brings a smile to my face as I drive something that was touched by such an influence in my life. This car embodies his personality of perfection. From the hand laid stripes to the hand stretched headliner, everything about the Boss screams attention to detail. Even if I just drive it down to fill up the tank, people just have to stop and talk about the quality of the car. It gives me joy to know that even after his passing, that my dad’s legacy will live on in many ways including the Boss.

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