SD_4 SD_23 SD_3

It’s always nice to be able to go to the track, relax, hang out with some cool people, and listen to some awesome cars. Marios’s Evo, is definitely one of the coolest cars out on track. He’s a major part of SpeedDynamics, which is a local Northern California track day provider. Check them out here, This event commemorated the one year anniversary of SpeedDynamics, and what an event it was.

SD_18 SD_19 SD_2 SD_26 SD_22

There was no shortage of cool BMW’s on track. These two E46’s were probably my favorite, plus just look at those Te37sl’s matched with the 6-pot Brembo’s.


SD_8 SD_25 SD_1 SD_7

I can’t wait for their next event, hopefully they secure a spot at Laguna Seca so I only have to drive 20 minutes to the track. Expect more track day coverage in the future, especially with friends that hold race days.

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