To start off the summer, the first place I visited was the beautiful island of Hawaii. Going here and traveling around the island allowed myself a break from reality with some of the best views in my life. This photo was just outside of a restaurant one night. On a side note, I would not mind if a house was purchased for me on the island. I definitely could live everyday carefree on Hawaii.


Summer college courses filled most of my summertime, but getting work out of the way is a huge load off my shoulders.

Cars, and everything that moves is pretty much in my line of interest. I love to see how every person can put their own spin on a style, just through the little things in an automobile. Having only a couple weeks of free time left before the Fall semester, I tried to get as many enjoyable activities into my schedule as possible. WekFest was a must, and it did not disappoint.


Now, my father is a huge part of my life. He cursed me with the mechanic mentality, but has granted me insite throughout the way. When people complement my photography it really puts a boost to my work. But, when my dad want me to shoot his cars, it makes me feel like he respects my work and values my input. So quality time with my dad, while being surrounded by car awesomeness, puts a big smile on my face.


Even though I did not end up going to Oregon,because of the mass amount of forest fires, I was still able to have a great time in Redding, California. Burney Falls (Pictured) was a great place to hike, and see the natural wonders that this logging town had to offer. Spending quality time with a mother that values your time, and who loves you is all that I needed during this time. This would definitely be a place to re-visit in the future.


Lastly, since drifting and being a kid is all that my friends do, photography of these moments are necessary. Even though this Subaru BRZ doesn’t belong to a friend, it’s tough to see a brand new car go through this much pain. But, drifting your car and coming within inches of concrete walls has its prices. At least the driver was using his car, and not letting it waste away in a garage.

Overall, I enjoyed my summertime experiences. All I need is friends, family and my camera to capture it all. I’ll also leave with this mix between Breakbot and Irfane. I love the sound of Breakbot since his music can go with every mood I am in, and like all the things in my life, Breakbot does not disappoint.

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