Annnd we’re off to Bangkok. Here’s a pic of all my family members going on this trip. We rollin’ 10 deep y’all!

Wi-Fi on Philippine Airlines?! (INSERT OBAMA NOT BAD FACE HERE). I totally took advantage of this opportunity and Instagrammed, Facebooked, and even Facetimed while I was on board. My overall impression of the plane was good. Each seat had it’s own in-flight entertainment system with a bunch of shows and movies. I was really happy that there was an ish ton of leg room and that the seats reclined pretty far back.

Hands down, Bangkok is the most beautiful airport I have been to. The architecture is just mind blowing.

I thought that all these 7-Series’ were lined up to take us to the hotel until some Toyota van pulled up. What a tease!



Here are some cool cars that I spotted during the ride to the hotel. I also observed that the freeways were clean, wide, and well-paved. I was very ashamed of the roadways in the Philippines, especially back home in the Bay Area. During the 45 minute ride, I did not spot a single crater or chunk of road missing.


Not only were we greeted by the cute towel elephant on the bed, but also this drop amazing view.

There were a bunch of scooters parked on the side of our hotel. #allthecolors

Wai (Thai word of greeting each other) Ronald. After checking in, we walked across the street to eat at the upscale mall.

The food court was huge! There were way too many vendors/ restaurants in such a small area.

My first “real” Thai tea. Not bad.

And for dessert, I had toast with condensed milk for about 60 Baht which is $2. It was tasty! Oh and the yellow mound in the back is all butter, YUM!

Spotted some Illest gear at the fancy department store.

AH SNAP! Found this gem in the toy section. Believe it or not, not only can you drive it with the remote, but you can also use your cell phone.

Speaking about cell phones, check this iPhone 5 case out. It reminds me of how the pieces of a model kit come inside the box, all attached together on a plastic frame.








Mad props to the Thai for literally putting an auto mall on the fifth floor of the Siam Center. It’s not just any kind of auto mall, it’s for ballers only. I found a Lamborghini, Maserati, Lotus, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ducati, and freakin’ Rolls Royce dealer! C’mon guys, really? Rolls Royce dealer in a mall, on the fifth floor? Now that’s impressive. My mind deflated after that and I had to go home to put my broken self together.

WHAT IN THE?! Just when I thought the mind fucking would be over I saw this! While I was trying to find my way out of the mall, I stumbled upon a scrabble tournament. I have never EVER seen that, EVER.

Cool fixed gear.

Once again, hope you guys enjoyed this. I’ll be posting up my experience making out with an elephant, visiting the Floating Market, and my $1 tiger experience. STAY TUNED.


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