I’ll start the post with food. On the second day, we had Korean BBQ at some place called K-PUB. It was a night club turned into restaurant and it was pretty interesting having a jumbotron playing K-Pop in your face while you’re grilling up some delicious BBQ. Everyone was dressed up like they were in a K-Pop group with big colored hair and flamboyant outfits.

Here’s my first legal (even though it doesn’t really matter in the Philippines) with Lolo. Gaiz, Soju will fuck you up. This alcohol is like a Korean girl, innocent and sweet at first and evil when you least expect it.


Apparently, if there’s traffic in the Philippines, you can cut through the gated communities to bypass all that. However, you have to have special stickers that allow you to go through and you can only obtain them if you live in that community. Luckily for us, Lola owns property in almost each one so we’re covered. Above is Manny Paquiao’s house.

My bad baller.

This is one of the new upscale malls near the house. This monstrosity is called “AURA” and it poops on all the mall I’ve been to back home. There’s about 5 floors of retail shops, a food court, movie theatre, and a MOTHER EFFING PARK/ GARDEN on the ROOF. The tall part that you see is supposed to be office space. This place is wow.

Of course I had to drop by the toy store to peep their Gundam selection. I looked left and then right and my eyes locked on to this little stand. #targetacquired

I thought they only had what was on the little display stand until I looked up and saw this! I was really tempted to buy a few but I had to hold back since we’re going to Thailand.

I find Tomica’s way cooler than Hotwheels. My only gripe is that their rims suck.

Sorry Mr. Giant Lego Firefighter, I swear I wasn’t trying to light my farts on fire.

Here are some life-like statues of the Avengers. The only one not in the pic was Iron Mang. He’s busy showboating in front of Captain America and Thor.

Next stop, UNIQLO! I love this place because you can find wardrobe essentials for a very reasonable price. In addition, the garments don’t feel cheap like H&M. Above is a pic of my mom trying on some Andy Warhol banana pj’s.

While we were checking out, Lolo stumble upon his friends in the store. It was pretty cool seeing them interact with each other because one day I hope that my friends and I will grow old and stay friends like these dudes.

Stopped by this place milk tea joint called Gong Cha. I ordered their Tea Crema equivalent and it just wasn’t the same as Purple Kow’s. The tea was tasty but the cream was not. Here’s my skeptical face.


To end the night, we had dinner with the family at some Chinese restaurant and some more milk tea for dessert. It was pleasant to see my other grandparents (Lola’s siblings), it’s been a long 11 years since I’ve last seen them.

That’s it for now. I’ll be in Thailand by my next post, see y’all soon!


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