It’s been a pretty straight forward journey to the motherland. I didn’t run into delays and neither did I miss my connecting flight. What was crazy was Quentin “Rampage” Jackson was on the same flight as me to Manila and I got better VIP treatment then he did upon our arrival. As soon as I got off the plane, I was greeted by a man holding up a sign with my name. He escorted me through the long immigration and customs line while Rampage was way back (LOL!). Mad thanks to Lolo for hooking it up!
Anyways, we’ll start the post with this McDonald’s menu. For those who don’t know, McDonald’s serves fried chicken and spaghetti in the Philippines.

As promised by Mom, our first day will be a day of pampering. As soon as we finished breakfast, we all hopped in the van and took off to the salon/spa.

Whaddup Lola?! She’s numero uno in my life.

I have already seen a Ferrari 360 and even a brand new R8, but this has to be the coolest car I have spotted so far. I’ve only come across one or two in the States, but even then I’m not sure if they were replica cars. This Mitsubishi Evo V will be at the top of my cool cars spotted list for awhile.

Here’s a shot of traffic, it doesn’t look that bad yet. For some reason four lanes became six! I think I’m cool off of driving here, it’s pretty sketch.

There’s just something appealing to me about skyscrapers and palm trees.

Here we are getting pampered like spoiled children. The salon busted out an entire army to take care of us. My brother on the left is getting a foot massage, my sister getting her hair and nails did, and my mom had everything done! Since we were here, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting a mani/ pedi and my feet waxed. I was always made fun of for having hairy-ass feet, so I had that taken care of. Between the four of us, the bill came out to a little over $100!!

Rocking Lola’s retro frames. She told me that those frames were older than me.


After the salon, Tommy and I stopped by this street wear boutique in Greenbelt (the shopping center we were at). They had the basics like Stussy, Undefeated, and Crooks. In addition, the boutique had a Vans Vault account but there really wasn’t anything appealing.

WHOA! Ran into the Teru Benny Gold shirt haha.

We continued to walk around more and we stumbled upon this place. WHAT IN THE HELL?! A RECARO STORE?

What else do you expect to find in a Recaro store? I was expecting to see a bunch of bucket seats for cars, but instead I only saw seats for your house or office. I was a tad bit disappointed, however the concept of the store is still cool.

We feasted for lunch. It sucks traveling with my brother and sister because they are very picky when it comes to food. It’s unfortunate because they won’t get to appreciate the absolutely delicious and authentic Filipino food. I guess it just means more food for me?

Like always, I’ll catch you on the next blogpost. Adios and happy Fourth to the homies in Amurica!

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