I welcome all of you to the first leg of my journey around Asia. I’m currently waiting to board my plane to Manila, till then I’m going to blog. For the first time ever, I slept through the entire 11 hour flight, and mad thanks to Scott for the sleeping pills because they knocked me out like a mofo.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a mother and son combo from Wyoming en route to Japan for a seven day vacation. They weren’t as interesting as the dude Mike sat next to on his way to Canada, however they were just down to earth nice people. On a side note, the mom was super hot!

Upon my arrival I was able to snap a pic of a surrounding neighborhood near the airport that reminded me of village from a Pokemon game. I knew I was in Asia when I stepped out of the plane and the humidity hit me like a brick wall. I’m sitting here typing away while feeling all sticky and oily and whatnot, ugh. Rant over.

On to the cool stuff, Japan’s toy game is on point people. I walked into two stores that sold Gundams! Two stores! I have to go to Japan Town in SF just to get my hands on a kit and here I run into two stores in the airport that sold them. Upon walking into the first gift store that sold Gundams, I also stumbles upon a rack of green tea Kit Kats. It felt like I hit the jackpot, but being that one box was $15 I was only limited to buying one (insert sad face).

I’m about to board, so I can’t really type anymore. I hope you guys enjoy the pics, they’re pretty self explanatory. I’ll be in the Philippines by my next post, see you guys soon.

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#coolplaces #lorenzeinasia

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