This is going to be a food post be warned! Welcome to my life haha. Cactus Club Cafe was the first dining spot I visited in Vancouver. This post is going to highlight some of my first tastes of the city. My sister’s friend recommended we go here and it did not disappoint.

Pulled Chicken and Roasted Duck sandwich on pecan bread. It was so mouthwateringly delicious I wish I could eat this everyday! Matthew Stowe who won top chef Canada is actually an employee of Cactus Club Cafe! No wonder it was so good!

Normally I don’t drink but It was such a nice evening I decided to order a Watermelon Margarita, A specialty drink there. It was really refreshing, besides you couldn’t really taste the alcohol so it was very pleasant.

Thierry is a chocolate lover’s dream! But that’s not all this elegant and refined dessert cafe had to offer.

A rainbow of Macarons tempted me behind the glass. I wanted to buy some but I couldn’t decide which flavor to get.

We ended up getting some hazelnut liquid chocolate to sip on and a triple chocolate cake to indulge in. It was so much chocolate!  I’ll be sharing more with you guys of other things I ate here in Vancouver but that’s all for this post!

If you find yourself in Downtown Vancouver I would highly recommend stopping by either of these places!

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