Flatspot Longboard shop I found completely by chance. As I was “Making my way downtown” #vanessacarltonreference I saw the Gate to Chinatown and had to walk by. This dude named David was manning the fort and it turns out he was also a native San Franciscan! Small world!!! (Little known fact, the panda artwork here was designed in SF)

He told me about the Sunset Sliders who carve up the Sunset district back in the city so I am definitely going to try to meet up with those dudes when I get back. The longboard community here seemed super chill and I guess with all the mountain roads around it is an awesome place to shred it up!

I really liked the design of these decks it doesn’t get any cooler than snakes and switchblades. These decks also composed the top of a park style table inside the store. Def a good place to hang out.

flatspot3They had so many cool decks I couldn’t even decide which was my favorite!
flatspot5In the back of the store they actually had a skate bowl! The only other store I have ever seen with a skate bowl inside was Supreme. Not only that, there was cool art up on the walls too! This piece in the back right corner stood out to me most.

flatspot6If you ever want to meet some down to earth dudes who really have a local perspective of the city you definitely have to check out Flatspot Longboards in the Chinatown district of Vancouver! Maybe you can even get a skate session in! I hope I cross paths with David again soon. Thank you for the stickers and the Magazine! Enjoy this Dragon Banner!


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