playheads1Playheads was the second store I almost walked past. Had it not been for a well placed bearbrick in the window I totally would have missed out on this awesome little spot

playheads3I ventured downstairs and was pleasantly greeted by Tom who was working there. Playheads stocks lots of popular brands like Supreme and they also had some other very interesting stuff


Their in store displays repurposed wood such as the shipping pallet and the log below their neon sign. The all white vintage bike was a nice addition to bring focus to the items around it too!

playheads5This crewneck was a play on the “Comme des F*ckdown” but with a northwestern twist.

playheads2If you are not familiar with Dragon Ball Z then you probably won’t know what this painting is about. I super duper freaked out when I noticed it was a Kaws painting!

playheads6I just had to pick up a sticker pack from these guys to remember their shop

playheads7More supreme goodness and snapbacks! Definitely check out playheads if you are in Vancouver!

Link to their website below!

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