If my trip were a book, this would be chapter 1! Livestock is a store that I could have easily never seen had I not been walking down Abbott Street. Who would have thought I’d end up here out of all the streets? What first caught my eye was technically my ear. I could hear some music floating out of their open door as I walked by. It was none other than Common! I knew that whoever was working there, and chose that song, had to be a cool guy. I was totally right. Behind the counter was Stan, seriously without this guy my whole first day would have been aimless wandering. I really want to take a moment to thank Stan and Livestock for pretty much welcoming me into Vancouver.

Minimal signage on the front door, but mega signage in the back. It really drew me in to check out the whole store.

livestock3I noticed that they stocked the Hundreds and HUF some local SF brands! Oh and their shoe display was super awesome! They really embraced that concrete/industrial look. The shoe stands were almost like rebar poking out. Very cool!

livestock6Up close of their shoe display. The frosted glass below gave off a soft light and made it look very futuristic.

livestock5Stan and his partner hooked it up big with some Livestock stickers and pins that I will be sure to share! Thank you so much!

Stan was super helpful and explained where a lot of similar shops were to me and he really pointed me in the right direction. If you’re out there reading this your advice seriously made a huge difference in my travels. You never know who you might meet and a simple “How’s it going?” can go a long way. Livestock is a boutique store I would recommend for any sneakerhead or streetwear enthusiast to check out in Downtown Vancouver!

Here is a link to their website! Enjoy!

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