view1You cannot beat that 23rd floor view from my Sister’s apartment downtown. It is simply stunning in every direction, just look at those mountains!

view2The view of Granville Street right below us!

view3Skyscrapers trying to rise up against the backdrop of the gorgeous mountains surrounding the city. Vancouver is beautiful! But enough about the view! I’d like to show you guys some other parts of city architecture that caught my eye.

waterfrontstation We strolled past Waterfront Station. The white pillars look so grand on the brick structure. I’ve still been thinking on how to show you guys what I have been up to in an easy to follow way. This post is going to just focus on the look of the city, I will get into more of what I did details in separate posts. For now enjoy the view, no pun intended. Actually, I always intend puns.

gastownGastown: This area was my stepping stone to explore the city. I started my adventure here on Water Street. Keep in mind this is my first time out of the country, and I started it here. Gastown has this old school vibe to it with the metal poles and chains and brick everywhere. Being from San Francisco it is a treat to see so much brick. I stopped by a few local clothing shops in the area and got to talk to some super awesome people that I will get to in my next post! This little neighborhood will always have a special place in my heart.

chinatownWith not a clue where I was going I ventured onward, Apparently right into Chinatown. It was by far less cluttered than the SF version, I really liked how it looked on the outer edges of a somewhat residential type of neighborhood as it opened up into a more open space. This was a produce market closing up for the evening. All the sights, sounds, and smells of Vancouver’s Chinatown gave me flashbacks to SF. Night and day difference from one side of the street to the other.

financialThe financial district was almost the exact same as San Francisco. Lots of business casual dressed people bustling about, black cars, granite structures. Formal and gray. Where there are business types, there is usually good food and boy oh boy did we find that.

financial2Granite on all the things. Even the water fountains.

darkbldgThe night started to descend upon the cityscape giving everything a Gotham city look.

museumThe perfect place for an Evil Scientist to reside. I’m not quite sure what this building is actually. Looked cool though! I have no profound explanation behind this lol.

OrpheumAs we made our way back to the apartment we passed by the Orpheum theater. Anna and I are huge fans of the SciFi TV show called Fringe. One of the scenes was filmed right in front of here! I was so stoked!

hudsonbayOh Granville Street! You look so different at night!

lobbyThis is the gateway to the world! Nah just kidding its the lobby to the Apartment! Super classy! Well that’s all I’ve got for you about how the city looks! Stay tuned for more from my trip!

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