I love my iPhone for many reasons such as its functionality, but more importantly the slew of cases and other accessories that are available for it. When the 5 was released I was stoked to purchase a cool case for it. I searched everywhere, and I couldn’t find anything that was low profile, clean, and unique.

Since I work at Fatlace, I decided to give the wooden cover a try. By no means is this a case, but rather something to protect the front and back from getting scratched. These covers are made from walnut wood, then put through the laser machine for the design, and finally each one is hand-stained to give it a clean finish. Each cover is packaged in an envelope which includes a backing, front and bottom covers, a button, instructions, and an illest vinly or sticker. Since each cover has 3M adhesive on the back, applying it to the phone is similar to applying a vinyl. Putting it on shouldn’t take no more than 5 minutes, unless you’re a perfectionist.

For $25, I recommend it. Fatlace offers a bunch of designs such as camo, safari print, illest logo, Fatlace logo, a stratos, dunk sole, and a few more. If you have an iPhone 4 don’t worry, they make the cover for you guys too.

Just click the link below:

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