These are by far my favorite pair of any pant that I have owned. The Commuter series by Levi’s is perfect for everyday use, while also being rugged and sturdy enough for water, dirt, etc… The Commuter pants feature extra-large pockets, reflective inner-leggings, crotch gusset, elastic pocket sides, water resistance, and a handy loop for whatever needs to be held. I purchased these through the Levi’s sale, so the total came to a very affordable $45. Since the sale is no longer going on, the pants are back up to their original price at $88. But don’t let that throw you, I would recommend these to any person. They fit perfect, they feel well made, and they just plain look good.


  1. bob

    hi, im from Malaysia
    iv got one pair….ur right, it also my favourite pant by far..iv no longer wear a jeans bcoz of this pants…
    here they only got 2 color, black & harvest gold. yours brown are awsome

      • bryanneary

        No problem, it’s just nice to see people from other countries enjoying our content. I recently purchased the black and gold pants, and was disappointed that they didn’t have the brown ones anymore. Definitely my favorite pants by far.

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