Here are a few pics of my co-workers super awesome Subaru Legacy wagon. What makes this car interesting is the fact that it is right-hand-drive. Years before Kenny owned it, the Legacy was the work horse for the U.S. Postal service. Today, it serves as Kenny’s work horse as a commuter car and his weekend vehicle to get up to the snow. The wagon is useful, versatile, and all around cool. It’s only been four months since he bought and he’s done so much to it in a short span of time. I’m quite excited to see what Kenny has in store for his wagon.

Car: 1995 Subaru Postal Legacy
Suspension: Buddy Club Coilovers
Wheels: Advan RS 17×8.5 +48
Tires: Achilles ATR Sport 215/45/17
Cosmetics: JDM Front Bumper, Headlights, Foglights, Tail lights and Ganador Mirrors

Photos and information courtesy of Mr. Kenny Chow.

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