It’s not often that you get to see a vintage Bugatti on the main floor of a Bloomingdales outside of Miami. I wasn’t sure what it exactly was, but the smooth and curvy body lines had an alluring effect on me just like the aroma of cheese to a mouse. Slightly embarrassed, I had to ask the sales associate what the car was. After much explanation, I had gathered that this Bugatti was a 1930’s Type 35, which specifically belongs to the owner of a clothing brand called Etiqueta Negra. What really fascinated me, was the fact that this car had been raced by the owner on the Mille Miglia tour last year. You don’t really have to be a car guy to appreciate the beauty of an older car. The little details such as the leather straps, the stickers, the maze of cables are characteristics that makes this car unique.





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