This is my first ever fixed gear frame. The previous owner was an older gentlemen who enjoyed buying old frames and converting them into a fixed gear platform. This particular one is a Japanese steel lugged frame from a company called Shogun. As you can tell, I was going through my “hypebeast” phase with all the stickers. This bad boy lasted me several months and I used the hell out of it. I killed the frame when I got into doing tricks, I did an endo into the wall and bam, I bent it.

I eventually saved up and bought myself a Leader Trick Star frame for dirt cheap and threw the Shogun into storage in hopes of getting it fixed. It just sat for years, and when I cleared the storage room out was when I knew it was time to part ways. Deep down inside, I wanted to keep it for memorabilia purposes but I had no place to put it. The pictures above were the last photos I took of it. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I’m happy knowing that this bike got second chance to be ridden and used during the time that I owned it.




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