My Oakley Frogskins are an essential accessory I carry with me on a day-to-day basis. I absolutely love these sunglasses for three reasons:
1) comfort
2) fitment
3) inexpensive price tag

I was originally going to purchase Ray Ban’s Wafarers before stumbling on the Oakley Frogskins. Finding the right fitting shades as an Asian person is a difficult task due to the lack of a prominent nose bridge and high cheek bones. In comparing the Ray Ban’s and the Oakley’s, I felt that the Oakley’s fit me better and the price tag didn’t put a big dent into my wallet. The frames are durable and light, making it very comfy to use for hours on end. To make things even better, Oakley made the arms in way that you can easily pop the arms back in, in case you sit on the frame.

Oakley is always coming out with different colors and collaborations every season so keep your eyes peeled. Between $90 to $150, you can pick yourself up a pair at any Sunglass Hut, Oakley retailer, and for more of the exclusive stuff, small boutiques that carry the brand.


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