Aaron keeping NorCal beautiful with his Nissan A31 Cefiro. What’s special about this car was that it was never offered in the American market. Unlike the newer body styles, this particular one is the one favored in the drifting scene in Japan.

What I like is that the car is discreet. The car doesn’t call much attention to it being that it is a RHD Japanese market car. I personally think that it being a white sedan gives it somewhat of a cloak of invisibility.

I never really asked Aaron what his motive was for buying this car and how he got it, but one day I will. He’s a pretty busy guy, and he rarely drives this car so I keep forgetting that he owns it. I know this much, the car is not of a garage queen. I’ve seen Aaron drive this car to local meets, and participate in local drift events with it. I’m not a 100% sure if Fatlace Word-Up will be back, but if it is you can expect to see this beauty drifting.

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