I have always been a big fan of Legos growing up. I actually still like them today, I’m just a bit scared I’ll give into the temptation of playing with them. One of the best sets I have ever received was from my ex-girlfriend who bought me a Lego Ferrari F1 Truck with an F1 car for my 18th birthday.

Anyways, I just stumbled on this super awesome website called Lego CUSSOO. It’s pretty much a Kickstarter for Lego sets. If you’re one those who wants their Lego creation to be mass produced, this site is the place to submit your idea! Click the link below to check out all the other project submitted. There’s a Land Rover Defender, Macross VF-1 Valkyrie, Zelda set, Mine Craft set and more.

One of the cool sets I came across was the Back to the Future DeLorean. I’m not a diehard fan of the movie series, but I must say that the set is rad. To make things even cooler, the creators of the set will donate 1% of the royalty fees to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Research Foundation.

Since this project reached 10,000 likes on the site, and passed a board review, it will be in production within this upcoming year. So keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys, I know I will.

Here’s that link to the site:


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