While on another vacation that seemed to be based around great food, got to drive up to a pass near Mount Hood. The combination of the snow-packed ground, vast green trees, and clear skies made for some of the most spectacular views.

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Now that I’m officially done with my undergrad degree I can’t wait to start my professional career, and start to incorporate some cool cars back into my life.

Aside from the raw power and technology of 1960’s and 70’s racecars, the colors and livery’s of this era really set them apart from the cars of today. Designers really loved their color pallets, making most of these cars pleasurable to drool over.

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Surrounded by great music lately. Constantly discovering new jams, and introducing others to some of the greatest 70’s and 80’s funk there is. Kashif definitely made an impact on this industry by not only making┬ámusic of his own, but producing for artists like Whitney Houston, Melba Moore, and Evelyn “Champagne” King.


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