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Finally have some free time, race weekend at the racetrack is no joke. Before gearing up at the track, I was able to have a few weeks where I was able to visit the seaside, and go to Baconfest. I definitely need to go on some drives soon to actually use my camera. Can’t wait to drive up to Washington next month, time for some good landscapes and cool cars.

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The last month has definitely been filled with some cool cars. It started with a Fatlace Friday, and their pre-bimmerfest meet at the Fatlace Paddock. It was a fun filled Friday evening with great music, good people, and some milk tea. I will definitely be going to the next one on June 24 for their collab release with Mooneyes.

Next is interning everyday at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Even though most of the work is in the office, it’s nice to venture down to the pits and look at whatever cars show up that day. From trans-am racers to Porsche’s, it’s awesome to see people that share a common love of cars race at the track.

Some film from our Oregon trip will be up once I actually get the prints back from being developed. Can’t wait to share them!

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Well I really don’t like the amount of participation I’ve been putting into photography, and creating content for this blog. I hope to be doing some cool events this summer, so expect to see some coverage from those events. I may try some video, since I’ve been wanting to try it out. Since I’ll be staying down in Monterey this summer, I really want to work on bringing everything to the next level. Also, can’t wait to get some rolls of film back from being developed.

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What’s better than a beautiful Saturday, and some chilled out classics? Hoping that some free time opens up so I can actually go and do something fun rather than endless projects and essays.


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Less than one week until the next track day, and I can’t be more excited. With the valve covers sealed, and new Moroso oil pickup installed courtesy of TD Garage, I just need to install the new fuel pump, hawk brake pads and get tires installed on the track wheels. So much to do in a day, since school keeps me separated from home. I can’t wait to have some fun, hang with some cool people, take some pictures, and just have fun this next weekend. Definitely going to be a video and pictures up within the next couple weeks.

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