If you’re wanting to visit Lake Tahoe, but don’t want to deal with the mass of people that flock to the area during the prime winter months; just a short 20 minute drive outside of South Lake Tahoe sits the serene Hope Valley.  Instead of looking for the thrill of skiing or snowboarding, peace and quiet is what this area has to offer.

After packing up the Legacy, it was now time for the multi-hour drive up and over the snow-dusted summit to Tahoe.


After staying at the quaint resort before, it was nice to be back at Sorensen’s. Following check-in and making the many trips back-and-forth for luggage, the relaxation could finally begin.


Greeted with a warm fire, the cabin was just perfect. A gas burning fireplace, mini kitchen and snow covered windows made it that much cozier.

Each place at Sorensen’s is different. Ranging from log cabins to larger houses, there are plenty of options for any smaller sized group. An on-site restaurant is available for people that are not into cooking, we didn’t get a chance to dine there since every day was filled with great food cooked in our cabin. Other activities are offered at the resort like an all wood burning sauna (which gets cooking once hot), and a nice hiking trail up the mountain located directly behind the cabins. Since much of the trail was covered in a couple feet of snow, snowshoes made it a bit easier to gradually climb the path.


If you’re looking to stay at Sorensen’s, be warned, there is very limited cell reception and no internet access. Being able to unwind and not worry about technology is what makes staying here such a stress-free experience.


The second day we decided to at least visit South Lake once. Since I had some computer work to do, a lovely coffee spot was the point of destination.


With snow heavily falling outside, having a warm latte was perfect for the atmosphere. Anytime I go back to Tahoe, I now know the place to visit in the mornings for a great coffee.


Instead of snow covered everything, the sun decided to show itself the next day. A nice change, since we were off for a warm dip in some hot springs.

Grover Hot Springs should definitely be a spot to check out when near Hope Valley. About a 20 minute scenic drive from Sorenson’s, and a $10 entrance fee is a steal for the experience. Having the 105 degree water embrace you definitely sets the mood for a laid back day. Some great sleep ensued after a good hour in the water.

The snow returned on the voyage back home, but was a nice treat. Driving through white-opaque forests just makes you want to come back for more. Until next time.


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While on another vacation that seemed to be based around great food, got to drive up to a pass near Mount Hood. The combination of the snow-packed ground, vast green trees, and clear skies made for some of the most spectacular views.

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Now that I’m officially done with my undergrad degree I can’t wait to start my professional career, and start to incorporate some cool cars back into my life.

Aside from the raw power and technology of 1960’s and 70’s racecars, the colors and livery’s of this era really set them apart from the cars of today. Designers really loved their color pallets, making most of these cars pleasurable to drool over.

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