I really like the progression of Metromony and how their music has changed, but retained some of the sounds. Ever since hearing the Breakbot remix of “A Thing for Me” I’ve been hooked on Metromony’s music.


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The second and third days in Oahu consisted of snorkeling and taking a tour of Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. At first snorkeling was kind of frightening, but as I swam around more I realized the beauty of the ocean and the reef we were at. The calm tide allowed everyone to enjoy the water, but after swallowing two lung fulls of salt water I was ready to leave.

While we were out and about I thought to keep an eye out for some cars as well. Compared to the other islands, Oahu has the highest amount of nice cars and people who are into the car culture in my opinion. So it was nice to see some modified cars while on the tour.

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This year my family and I were surprised when we were selected to go on a trip of our choice provided by the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation. They make it possible for families struggling with cancer to be able to go to the place of their dreams.  Since my dad had never been to Pearl Harbor, we selected to visit Oahu for a couple of days. The beauty of Hawaii, and Oahu showed itself in the first day of being there. With no rains and warm temperatures, it was something only found in dreams. The staff of the resort we were staying at were the most welcoming people ever, greeting us with open arms and leis. Tears of joy were exchanged and our fun started.

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I’ve been on the hunt for a good chill mix-tape for awhile and I believe I have found the one! This satisfies my R&B, funk, french house, and electronic music cravings. I hope you guys and gals enjoy it as much as I did. This has been on repeat all day!


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