Some new things coming soon for the blog. School and other things have consumed my life lately, but I really want to further my photography, and presence on the site.

Here is some prep for an upcoming track day in the Legacy. I probably won’t have time to cover media, but have some ideas for a video. Hopefully I can make that work out.

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It’s always nice to show up nice and early to a track day. TD Garage recently hosted a grip and drift event at the newly created Thunder Hill West track. Being out on track for media by myself was a very cool experience, but I can say that i need to upgrade some of my equipment. It was nice to have very small groups of drivers on the track, having cool cars to shoot was a plus. I can’t wait for the next event where I can be the one behind the wheel instead of the camera.

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LGT_1 Mcway_1

Decided to take a drive down the coast to Big Sur, and to the McWay Falls. I had been meaning to do this for a while now, but wish I would have gone later in the day. With the high sun shining down, it was hard to get nice looking pictures. Next time I go down, it’ll be during the sunset so hopefully there won’t be as many people around. It was nice to cruise down Highway 1 with the windows down and the sea air blowing past my face. Nothing is much better than a nice sunny day, green hills, and a cool breeze.

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